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as simple as texting a friend
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Being there for you

Butlair is there for you throughout the day, ready to help you find anything you need on demand, as simply as texting a friend. A tour guide, a nightlife suggestion, a restaurant reservation or even a birthday cake at the beach! Butlair promises to save you precious time and get what you need, when you need it, for a happier, more enjoyable trip.


How it Works

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    Choose your desired Destination, Dates and the way you want to communicate with your Personal Butlair. Choose among Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or WeChat.

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    Connect with your Butlair

    Chat with your Butlair 24h a day. Our local expert will try to understand your unique needs and respond to your requests fast with suggestions tailored to your taste.

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    Less time on planning and more time on things that matter most!

Our Team of Butlairs

Our real life team is formed by highly skilled individuals passionate about their city, ready to provide personalised suggestions tailored to every travellers taste.

Get Some Inspiration

More time to enjoy a delicious breakfast, to swim at an empty beach, to dance, to explore, to create long lasting memories. Less time on planning and more time on things that matter most.

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What Travellers Say

  • testimonial

    I used Butlair while in Athens. They retrieved items such as obscure bus schedules for me throughout Greece, made recommendations for appropriate dinner spots for New Years, booked the reservation, and more. They were quickly responsive too and I did the entire communications with them through Facebook Messenger (they have some other instant messaging platforms they work with too). This type of service is handy if you have a lot to do while traveling because you can continue on with you plans while they work in the background to coordinate your itinerary and make essential recommendations along the way..

    Andrew Schiestel
  • lon lane testimonial

    We were in Athens for 4 days and had a general idea of what we wanted to do but needed help filling in some details. Butlair was awesome! We were heading to an area of town for dinner and I asked for options afterwards, we wanted a local spot for dinner away from the tourist areas, and they even made the reservations for us. I couldn't have been happier with their recommendations and their service was fast! I hope they expand to cities around the world.

    Lon Lane
  • testimonial

    My trip to Athens would not have been as successful without the 7 stars service of BUTLER!! Amazing eating and drinking recommendations; booking hair and nails makeovers even ....all recommendations were spot on and the reaction to the messages were extremely prompt and quick and they even follow up on the experience recommended. I highly recommend this amazing outstanding service

    Reem El-Ghamrawy
  • testimonial

    Absolutely love this, I would've been screwed without! If it weren't for Butlair we would've spent so much more money and wouldn't have even made it to the airport ordering a taxi since we don't speak Greek! I highly suggest this to anyone visiting Greece, they help on mainland and in the islands and I would definitely use it again!! 10/10 service and never left us hanging with responses, loved it!

    Chris Crawford
  • leslie

    In Greece they found us everything. Grocery, bars etc. But most important they found me an English speaking Dr to come to my flat so I could get a prescription for my strep throat that was going to ruin my vacation. They even checked in on me to see how i was recovering... Like traveling with the most efficient, helpful and knowledge friend. Wish I could give more stars. Can't wait to use again.i feel safer on vacation because I have the best resource right in my pocket. Thank you

    Leslie Nicole